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        恒之源2021年新年賀詞/HZY New Year's Greetings for 2021










        HZY New Year's Greetings for 2021





        The sky and the earth are near, the sun and the moon are opening new year. At this moment of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, the board of directors of HZY Company would like to extend its most sincere blessings to all employees, Chinese and foreign customers, investors, suppliers, and friends from all walks of life who have given the company’s support from all walks of life: I wish you all good health and family happiness. Everything goes well!

        In 2020, in the face of the sudden novel coronavirus, the whole people resisted the war and all staff were on guard. In order to promote the company's resumption of work and production, we seriously implemented the epidemic prevention and control work, strictly guarded and ensured the safety of employees, and resolutely won the battle against the epidemic! In this extraordinary year, we ushered in the great day of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the company. Twenty years of trials and hardships, twenty years of prosperity and prosperity, we will carry twenty years of struggle and brilliance, never forget our original intention, and make new Articles!

        Looking back to 2020, we have carried out the product standardization carding activities. Through the comprehensive analysis of the company's existing products, components and materials, we have refined universal, high profit and reliable products and components to promote them to customers and markets, so as to improve our core competitiveness! We insist on continuous innovation, research and development of new products, open up new markets, provide multiple series of intelligent lighting products for Sifang maglev, new generation city car and other projects, adhere to the "customer-centric" principle, and fully meet customer delivery needs!

          Looking forward to 2021, we will start again with reform and innovation! Through lean management thinking and lean R & D system, we can create a new management mode suitable for the future development of HZY, promote system optimization and realize management upgrading! We will unswervingly carry out incremental reform, seek new incremental path by returning to products, fully meet the needs of customers, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises! In the coming year, we will seize the development opportunity of the times, focus on action goals, consolidate management and meet new challenges!

        Recalling the past, we can see the beautiful scenery today. In 2020, we have started a new development plan. The manufacturing focus will be shifted to Jiangmen. Shenzhen, as the main battlefield of our R & D and sales, will enable large-scale new plants, introduce modern equipment, enhance the strength of new product development, and learn from the management achievements of successful enterprises. By "bringing in and going out", we will enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, so as to realize the enterprise vision!

        The journey is long, but we can only struggle, carry on with the past, and set sail again. In 2021, we will enter a new era, learn new ideas, and start a new journey of HZY development; focus on incremental performance, implement lean management measures, and embark on a new level of sustainable and healthy development; develop new research and development systems, and promote new projects. Open up a new situation in management; implement new management requirements, make good use of new management methods, and show the new look of HZY team. In the new year, all HZY people will work together and forge ahead, and strive to realize our new dream, new leap, and new glory!

        It's not easy for us in 2020, let ‘s see the great change in 2020!

        Happy new year to all HZY people! Everything goes well!